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Food & Wine Connection Pty. Ltd

Welcome to Food & Wine Connection Pty. Ltd


Food & Wine Connection Pty. Ltd. is a family owned and operated wholesaler and distributor of organically certified foods and wines and of fine gourmet products. 
Food & Wine Connection provides customers with quality food products, and particularly meeting the growing demand for Organic and Gluten Free foods.
The company has now developed an extensive product range and the list is still growing.
We proudly bring you from Italy as the sole distributor and wholesaler, of the finest products, LA TERRA E IL CIELO organic pastas, MANFUSO CONSERVE organic and gluten free canned tomatoes, MOLINO ANDRIANI specializing in organic gluten-free pastas, BACCHINI organic cous cous.  FEGER  organic brand of Sapori del Sole pulses. CRICH organic crackers. BIO ORGANICA NUOVA organic Mediterranean Gourmet Foods, ACHILLEA chocolate & hazelnut spreads and THE BRIDGE with Spelt and Buckwheat cereal milk drinks.
Outstanding companies that share our philosophy good health, great living through the cultivation and distribution of only the healthiest organic and gluten free foods.